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We are EXPERTS at finding LOST, HIDDEN or even DELETED Electronic Data –  if Electronic Evidence exists, Manhattan Computer Forensic Services will find it!

At Manhattan Computer Forensic Services, we are  also experts in Electronic Discovery, which is the process of preparing, reviewing and producing Electronically Stored Information (ESI) that can successfully be used in legal proceedings without worry.

As we navigate our way through this always evolving technological revolution, we are seeing more and more civil and criminal litigation involving computers and electronic data.  Whether it is helping a defense attorney refute facts brought against his/her client in a criminal matter, or assisting in a civil suit over intellectual property, there is no denying the important role computers and electronic evidence play in today’s constantly changing landscape.

Today,  more than 70% of all data is kept solely in electronic form, and more than 90% of all information is created in electronic form. The data is then dispersed across network hard drives, individual PCs, laptops, back-up tapes, handheld devices, voice mail systems and databases.  Manhattan Computer Forensic Services creates and implements solutions that help ease the way through complicated legal and technical issues, from the initial collection of evidence, to the full analysis of that digital information and then Manhattan Computer Forensics presents the data in a format which will assist attorneys as they litigate their cases.

In addition to Electronic Discovery, Manhattan Computer Forensics offers services such as Computer Forensics,  Penetration Testing, Network Security, Litigation Support and Expert Witness testimony. Our firm is conveniently located in Manhattan, NY with offices also serving Europe and Asia as well.

Manhattan Computer Forensic Services understands the basic concerns of our clients (cost, ability and availability) and tailors each engagement specifically to the client’s needs.  Manhattan Computer Forensics maintains a full time staff with over 50 years combined experience that are trained and certified in computer forensics (certifications can be provided upon request).

~ Manhattan Computer Forensic’s service fees are very cost effective, while providing Professional Liability and E&O Insurance protection.  We encourage you to request a free quote.

~ Manhattan Computer Forensics offers Clients Fast Service by Experienced Certified Computer Forensic Specialists.

~  Manhattan Computer Forensic Services has more than 50 combined years investigative experience in Computer Forensic, and Electronic Discovery examinations

~ Manhattan Computer Forensic Services specializes in the identification, extraction, preservation, interpretation and documentation of Electronically Stored Information (ESI) for evidentiary or litigation purposes.

~ Manhattan Computer Forensic Services provides services to all size Businesses, Law Firms, PI Firms, Government Agencies and Private Individuals

~ Manhattan Computer Forensic Services has excellent Client relations and we welcome and encourage you to call us after you have spoken with other Computer Forensic Firms to assure yourself that you are employing the Best Computer Forensics Service at the very Best price.

~ Manhattan Computer Forensic Services employs only highly skilled certified forensic specialists to work with you.  They will assist in determining the nature of the incident(s) and develop a Plan, then they will apply a proven methodology and state-of-the-art tools to ensure the best possible result. We do not charge our clients for ordinary “Machine Time” or “Run Time” if personnel are not actively involved in that process.

~ Manhattan Computer Forensics strives to come up with  IDEAS to save our clients MONEY, offering special programs such as our  Electronic Exit Interview Packages, Volume Discounts and Annual Contracts.

~ Manhattan Computer Forensic’s  services range from electronic data acquisition and examination, to expert witness testimony. Our clients include Businesses, Law Firms, Government Agencies, Private Investigators, as well as Individuals, and our services will fully support your efforts.

~ As you navigate through our site, you will find that we  provide a great deal of detailed infromation on these pages about Computer Forensics, about the company, our people and our programs.

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